Our Services

Our Services comprises of Asset Management (Preparation and review of GRAP compliant Asset Registers)

Preparation of Annual Financial Statement

The preparation of financial statements involves the process of aggregating accounting information into a standardized set of financials. The completed financial statements are then distributed to management, lenders, creditors, and investors, who use them to evaluate the performance, liquidity, and cash flows of a business. The preparation of financial statements includes the following steps (the exact order may vary by company)

Facilitation of Strategic Planning

Strategic planning helps you get from where you are today to the future you want. It’s a way of breaking down big, daunting goals into manageable steps that address your current situation and guide your work.

Development of Procedure Manual for finance

Development of Procedure Manual for finance in business is establishing good financial procedures and systems to monitor the financial health of your business and ensure you meet your tax obligations.

Review of finance policies

An examination of a company’s financial records that reports on the plausibility of its financial statements, to reflect your business’s values and culture. Your procedures are the instructions that outline what your employees must do to abide by these policies.

Asset Management

 (Preparation and review of GRAP compliant Asset Registers

Provision of training IFRS, SCM and GRAP

IFRS allows for the deferral of actuarial gains and losses using the “corridor method”, or can recognize in the period in which they occur in OCI, in which GRAP requires actuarial gains and losses to be recognized in full in surplus or deficit in the year that they occur.

Reporting on performance against business indicators and targets (AOPO)

We Help institution to submit its annual report to the relevant treasury and executive authority within five months of the end of the financial year.